About Me!

headshotHi! My name is Kathryn M Upchurch. I graduated from the prestigious New York Institute of Massage Therapy with over 1100 hours of credits. I am also Nationally Certified and have held a Massage Therapy License in New York State, a Massage Therapy Certification in Indiana as well as being a Certified Massage Therapist in California.My education was grounded in medical massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, prenatal massage, trigger point therapy and also stressed incorporating energy work such as polarity and cranial sacral as well as shiatsu. I feel that my background in various techniques, plus my continuing education acquired in medical massage, myoskeletal massage, myofascial release therapy massage, aromatherapy and hot stone massage have helped me to create a blended style that is able to accommodate many different clients.

I work with Olympic athletes recovering from injuries, tri-athletes preparing for a race, weekend warriors with acute or chronic muscle aches, office workers plagued by too much computer time, moms and dads needing some TLC and time out from their busy lives, women who are in all stages of pregnancy, students who are stressed and achy from too much studying, retirees keeping themselves active and healthy, clients who have physical jobs and are on their feet and in constant motion all day, dancers/actors/singers/performers/musicians recovering from the various abuses their bodies take in order to successfully be artistic, clients recovering from surgery, individuals battling illness and disease (cancer, MS, degenerative disc disease, asthma, diabetes, hyperthyroidism ), women with pms and menopausal issues, clients who are dealing with migrains and tension headaches and clients who understand that regular massage is as vital to their health and well-being as is exercise and eating a healthy diet.

I love my work and am excited to share my knowledge with my clients. I am always actively learning new information and techniques so that I can help my clients feel their best. If you already take advantage of the benefits of massage--congratulations!! and if you are new to massage--I will help you to discover the wonderful world of body work. It’s an opportunity to exhale deeply,  relax your body and mind completely and to nurture a healthier lifestyle.